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My earliest fascination with photography began when my father was about become the Air Force Attaché attached to the American Consulate in Hong Kong. I marveled at all of the dials and numbers on the little jewel-like camera that he had to learn to use before we left, going on photo excursions to nearby Chesapeake Bay. I was five at the time.

Years passed. My fascination with photography continued. After returning from a tour in the Navy, I built a darkroom in a spare bedroom, souped my own stuff spent hours learning the magic and chemistry of film and paper. I read voraciously, and pored over the work of Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Andreas Feininger, Edward Weston and more.

Eventually, I started Esprit Decor Gallery and Framing. We showed the work of local artists, created framed artwork, diplomas, sports jerseys, oils, acrylics, pastels and more. Digital photography arrived and changed the way images were made. I bought a three megapixel camera and a pigment printer and started making prints for the gallery, and printing for other photographers and artists. My work began appearing commercially, and I got to travel extensively. Peru, China, England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Ireland, Dubai, Australia and more.

I spent a lot of time in museums from Beijing to Barcelona staring at the works of the masters, observing and learning. My images are an amalgam of my experiences and interactions, and my love for photography hasn’t diminished. I’ve discovered that it’s possible to find beauty or irony in the most unexpected places, and my goal is to share it.


•   Custom Fine Art Printing

I've been printing for myself, other artists, photographers and commercial clients for over 20 years. Currently, I'm using a 44" Canon Pro 4000 12 ink pigment printer. I print on a variety of papers and canvas, all archival, and all from Breathing Color. Most of my images can be printed at any size, from four by six inches to four by six feet. We are happy to provide a quote for any commercial project!

•   One on One Lightroom and Photoshop Training

I work one on one with other artists and photographers, teaching how I use these tools in my color-managed workflow, so that they can successfully produce award winning images on their own. 

•   Custom Photo Restoration

I have been doing custom photo restoration for over 20 years, removing rips, tears, fading, color and light bleaching. Also corporate portrait optimisation and editing. bring me whatever you have.

•   Custom Archival Framing

I started Esprit Decor Gallery and Framing from scratch over thirty years ago, and we do archival custom framing – No job too big or small, from 20 foot long canvases to  10' x 6' custom mirrors, to entire custom commercial wall installations. Fabric mats, fillets, hand carved gold leafed frames, pretty much any thing you can imagine, we can execute, on time and on budget.

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